Webinars (free)

The webinars will introduce the content of the workshops and trials, and give you the opportunity to have input into tailoring the workshops to meet your needs.

Regenerative Grazing Webinar with Graeme Hand on Tuesday 27 August 2019 at 7.30 – 8.30 pm. The webinar will be on Zoom. Click here to register in advance please.

Multi-species Cover Cropping Uncovered Webinar with Colin Seis on Tuesday 22 November 2019, 7.30 – 8.30 pm.

Designing Stable Profits through Regenerative Agriculture Webinarwith Graeme Hand on Tuesday 10 March 2020, 7.30 – 8.30 pm.


“Regenerative Grazing to Increase Soil Health and Profitability”

with Graeme Hand

  • Monday 9 September, 10am – 3pm – North West coast (venue to be confirmed). Click here to book
  • Wednesday 11 September, 10am – 3pm at “Beaufront”, 395 Tooms Lake Rd, Ross. Click here to book
  • Thursday 12 September, 10am – 3pm at “Pansanger”, 366 Pansanger Rd, Longford . Click here to book

Curious about transitioning to a low risk, low cost system of grazing that increases soil health and still delivers profits?

This workshop is a warts and all look at Regenerative Grazing led by Graeme Hand, farmer and Holistic Management educator.

Topics discussed will be:

  • animal health and performance,
  • pasture pests and weeds,
  • reducing fertiliser requirements,
  • improving water infiltration,
  • eliminating erosion,
  • regenerating perennial grasses and
  • boosting soil biology.

Practice areas will be set up to gauge the grass recovery period on “Beaufront”. You will go home knowing how to do this on your own farm.

“Multispecies Cover Cropping Uncovered”

with Colin Seis

  • Monday 4 November 10-3pm. – North West coast (venue to be confirmed)
  • Wednesday 6 November 10-3pm – Northern region (venue to be confirmed)
  • Friday 8 November 10-3pm – Southern region (venue to be confirmed)

Colin Seis, farmer and experienced trainer, has been working with Gabe Brown from Browns Ranch in North Dakota US to further develop multi-species cover and forage cropping and integrating animals into cropping enterprises.

“Designing Stable Profits through Regenerative Agriculture”

with Graeme Hand

  • Monday 23 March – North West region (venue to be confirmed)
  • Tuesday 24 March – Northern region (venue to be confirmed)
  • Wednesday 25 March – Southern region (venue to be confirmed)

Exploring regenerative farming systems that have low rainfall risk, low market price risk, are low cost and profitable… to determine if regenerative agriculture will work for individual farmers and their business.   Graeme Hand has worked across all farm enterprises to increase profitability.

Farm Walk and Talk & Annual General Meeting

Join us for a Farm Walk and Talk with Mountain River Beef farmer and owner Anthea Simmons and Holistic Management and Grazing educator, Graeme Hand.  Anthea has gained organic certification in the last year.
After the farm walk, we will be holding the AGM and discussing the future of regenerative agriculture in Tasmania and beyond.  If you would like to be involved, consider becoming involved with RANT.
10 am – Farm walk and talk
11.30 am – Annual General Meeting.  The constitution dictates only members can vote and  be elected onto the committee (get your form in before the day please). Membership and nomination forms for committee elections are at
12 noon – Lunch BYO picnic and chair. There will be a bbq plate and urn awaiting.
A conversation on the future directions for RANT and regenerative agriculture during and after lunch.
RSVP or 0429931640.