Regenerating perennial grasslands, cropping land and functioning forests to address climate change, increase landscape function and food and water security, while caring for farmers, communities and profits.

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“Designing Stable Profits with Regenerative Agriculture”

with Graeme Hand, Hand for the Land

Workshop Introductory Webinar Recording

Workshop Recording to be available on demand with one on one coaching after. Coming shortly.

We will be exploring and identifying regenerative farming systems that are low risk, are low cost and profitable…..how do we determine if regenerative agriculture will work our farm and our business. 

  • Analyse and select enterprises that are in line with what you are trying to achieve​
  • Determine where to invest your time and money to increase profit
  • Schedule farm development and priorities
  • Put in place monitoring and corrective action to make sure you produce your planned profit 
  • Plan and produce a Holistic Profit Plan that puts you in charge of your finances.​
  • Understand & apply the planning, monitoring, corrective action and policies to achieve your profit target.

Graeme Hand has worked across all enterprises and scales to increase profitability and stability in farm businesses. ​

Beef farmer and experienced farm consultant to family and corporate farmers, provided bushfire and drought extension for Victorian DPI, Holistic Management® training for CMA’s and universities, consulted for the meat industry on eating quality and marketing, specialises in regenerating grasslands using planned grazing management. Graeme also manages STIPA Native Grass Association Inc.